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The girl who loves life

I love life. What about you? 
I`m sure you do! 
Well, why are we here then?

I`ll try to introduce  you  to Darja Kostić -  the girl who loves life and I’ll try to clarify the reason why she differs from all of us who love life and why her love for life is different from how you and i love it…

We all have seen many Holywood films in which everything starts just the way it should be. The person is born, spends a nice childhood surrounded with the loved ones who guide them to the path of maturity, they finish school, get a job and… And then, something completely unexpected happens, everything turns upside down. On a routine medical checkup the doctors diagnose them with an incurable disease…the story starts here…and then what? We all know how a Holywood film ends..

This is what happened here. Darja graduated in English language at the Faculty of Philology, started working as a teacher in a school, she started travelling, writing poems, discovering the world which was in front of her. And then it happened.. She found out that her life has to go on hold.

Chronic kidney insufficiency. What does that mean?

It means that her kidneys don’t do their job, her immune system didn’t recognize her kidneys as a part of the body and started attacking them. It means that Darja must stop working, because she catches every virus that comes along at school and she can’t easily recover from a cold. It means that she must do dialysis at home four times a day. It means that she must forget about swimming at the seaside. Actually, she must forget about every trip which is longer than four hours. It means many other things… You see now, this is a different meaning of the word life, different from what you had probably thought of when you first read our title. When we say that Darja loves life, that word attains its complete meaning.

Darja is creative. Looking through the pages of this blog, you will feel her creativity and see bits of a mosaic composed by her childlike soul by trying to preponderate on that seesaw of life and hopelessness which she had to face. Sometimes hopelessness prevail, and sometimes life…

Indeed, it is not easy to keep the hope up in such difficult moments. Here we invite you, dear friends, to support Darja’s fight for life, faith, hope and love. Let everyone of us who know about her fight help in a way that they can. It is necessary to collect around 75,000 euros (around 100,000 dollars), so that Darja can get a new kidney, but also an idea, support or motivation… anything you could do for her.

Well, who knows! Maybe we can make a Holywood happy-ending come true.

Our humanitarian action:

We’ve started our action in the middle of March 2010. It has already been supported by various companies and many individuals who have helped us in our endeavours in such a variety of ways. There has been a lot of humanitarian concerts, theatre plays and exhibitions. We sincerely thank all people who have helped us up to now. However, we have managed to raise around half of the needed money for the kidney transplant. That’s why we invite you, dear friends, to help us get to the end of our journey. We need to collect around 75,000 euros (around 100,000 dollars) so that Darja could go abroad for a kidney transplant. Let’s support Darja in her battle for life. We thank all good people who are ready to help.

Kostić family

Darja is currently occupied with organizing her humanitarian actions, she sings in two bands - Stranded, a rock band performing their original music in English, and Como el agua, a flamenco dancing and singing group performing in Spanish. She has translated a book from English into Serbian, and she loves knitting. 

Feel free to contact us on darjakos@yahoo.com.

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